‘Dissident’ and the Batko Group

I’ve been intending for a while to write something about the Batko group, a theoretical group that publishes the journal ‘Dissident’. They have published three issues so far, the first dealing with platformism, the second with insurrectionary anarchism, and the third er, I’m not really sure, something to do with death… (it looks great anyway!) Anyway, like an idiot I had forgotten that they have translated several of the texts from the first and second issues, and had spent some time working with the Swedish in issue 2, not getting very far. So here is a link to their homepage in English.

I’m now in the process of writing something, and am reviewing the contents of the second issue in order to get a better handle on their politics. Right now I’m looking at The Anarchist Ethic in the Age of the Anti-Globalization Movement by Killing King Abacus and anarcho-maoist text Anti-mass methods of organisation for collectives, as according to Batko these texts are central to Issue 2.  I actually had read the texts before, two or three years ago, and I can see why Batko were interested in them, particularly the Anti Mass text which I thought was pretty good at the time (ok, except for the weird Mao references…). Anyway,  on we go.

~ by swedishzine on July 2, 2009.

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