It was us on the shopfloor that cancelled the firings!

A cleaned up machine translation of a blog post from Euromaintbloggen, the blog of the EuroMaint workers who have just won an important victory against management plans to replace all permanent contracts with temporary workers. I have tried to clean up the phrasing, but there are still some ropey parts. If anyone has any suggestions for improvement, please fire away. I’ll be posting up a few more of these in the next few days.

It was us on the shopfloor that cancelled the firings!

Congratulations to all of us permanent employees! Today Euromaint let slip the surprise news that they were cancelling the withdrawal of all permanent contracts . Officially, they claim that it was not necessary due to “increased orders”.

The strange thing is that it has never before been claimed that the redundancies were due to decreased orders. Management had decided that the redundancies would take place in order to turn the workshop into a “project organization”. Two weeks ago the central negotiations with SEKO (the workers’ union) ended in disagreement. The redundancies still stood and meetings concerning the redundancies took place.

Whats really happening behind the scenes is that all the employees are starting to organize themselves. It’s absolutely boiling from below on the floor. It is us employees who are preparing ourelves to do something about it. The management thus understands that the game is over.

Team EuroMaint are for the moment cancelling the go-slow that was supposed to start March 29th. Those of us on permanent contracts must not forget all our colleagues who are still stuck in temporary swamp. At present, over 50% of our fellow workers are employed in temporary work. The staff should continue to drive the demand for more and more colleagues to get a permanent job and thus a secure environment.

Euromaintbloggen will definitely live on. Following the announcement today, however, the blog will not be updated quite as often as it has been the last two weeks. We will also try to expand ourselves to include more workshops in the country.

But again. Congratulations comrades!

Team EuroMaint (TE)

~ by swedishzine on March 18, 2010.

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